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Pure Water Technology® by PHSI® provides fresh, pure,healthy drinking water by removing chemicals, bacteria,and parasites. PHSI’s purification systems, along with theirreverse osmosis membrane and activated oxygen injection,produce better tasting, healthier water than other workplace systems.

Bottled water is not the same!

In addition, many of our customers have saved money, over the cost of their existing water dispensing systems, byswitching to Pure Water Technology.

Isn't it time to think about Pure Water Technology for your business?

How Our Bottleless Water Purification System Works

Superior purification unmatched by our competition

water purification process
  • unfiltered water
  • Sediment Filter Dirt, Rust, Silt
  • Carbon Block Filter Chemicals, Solvents, Chlorine
  • 80 GPD
    Lead, Mercury, Arsenic
  • Granular Activated
    Carbon Filter
    Final Polish
  • Activated Oxygen Injection Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites

Our 4-filter system removes more contaminants that other filtration systems

Service Area

Providing purified drinking water systems to Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

Water Cooler Talk

PHSI Pure Water Technology systems Water Cooler Talk video

PHSI Pure Water Technology® systems not only eliminate the environmental impact of bottled water, but also by providing you with safer, fresher and better tasting drinking water. We call it “Technology for a Healthy Planet.”

Got Lead? Find Out.

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“Brian was extremely knowledgeable about the products. He and his service team delivered exactly what was promised, when they promised it. I could not be happier with my decision to use Pure Water Technology for my company’s water needs.”

Jim Bell - Ira G Steffy & Son Inc., Ephrata, PA

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Pure Water Technology of Central PA is dedicated to providing its customers the highest performance water purification systems in the marketplace today, with ongoing research and development to provide the highest performance systems for tomorrow. Why Choose Us »